Health, Safety, and Environmental

Industry-Recognized Training and Quality Programs

Quality Energy Services maintains our high quality standards through reliability, technical know-how, and high personnel competency. We meet all regulatory and compliance requirements including ocean compliance and applicable DOT compliance requirements. Extensive training is required by each employee to ensure quality work and an accident-free and healthy environment.


Quality Energy Services' Safety Incentive Program encourages personnel to take initiative in improving safety measures in the work environment.

To maintain health, safety, and environmental standards, each employee involved in operation is required to have regulatory safety training, as well as job-specific skills and knowledge.

Our Commitment

Quality Energy Services is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the safety and health of all personnel involved in its operations, to respect and care for the environment, and to preserve the physical resources of the company.

To accomplish this, Quality Energy Services will:

  • Focus on promoting a culture encouraging the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of operating systems which protect personnel and the environment, and preserve company assets. 
  • Establish principles and policies regarding safety, health, and environmental protection, and focus on continuously improving safety, health, and environmental performance.
  • Communicate about safety, health, and environmental responsibilities to every individual within the organization and hold personnel accountable.
  • Identify, evaluate, and control safety, health, and environmental hazards through risk analysis.
  • Monitor and audit ongoing operations to assure conformance to safety, health, and environmental objectives. 
  • Confirm that safety, health, and environmental standards and policies are achieving the objectives.
  • Identify non-compliance with safety, health, and environmental requirements, promote culture where all incidents and near misses are reported and investigated, take corrective action, and verify the effectiveness of those actions.

Behavioral-Based Observation Program

Quality Energy Services encourages employees to be aware of safe and unsafe behaviors.

Designations and Associations

Quality Energy Services is a member of ISN, VERIFORCE, NCMS, DISA, AVETTA, TPS Alert, and other relevant industry associations. ISN #400-129095

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