Cased Hole Services

Quality Energy Services provides Cased Hole, Electric Line Services, Quality Realtime Slickline & Memory, for the Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Deep water Gulf of Mexico, Onshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Inland Water areas.

Quality Energy Services offers its own slickline memory logging, perforating, cement dumping, tubing cutting, and bridge plug setting. Our reservoir evaluation team is second to none on interpreting BHP, gas lift surveys, and production logs. We supply any type of slickline equipment on our vessels, including our own combination slickline/e-line units. All districts have fit for purposed equipment and tools depending on requirements for their region. The Cased Hole fleet includes skid equipment for Offshore Shelf/Deep water/Inland water and truck units for Onshore. All services can be run on slick line, electric line or coil tubing and conveyed on either our wire (SL/EL) or competitors wire or coil tubing.

Electric Line Services Land/Offshore

  • Hot Rod Tool
  • Logging
  • Tubing / Casing
  • Corrections Logs
  • Callipers Production Logging
  • Leak Detection
  • Cement Dump

Quality Realtime Slickline Services Land/Offshore

  • Plug Back Operations
  • Perforating Production Zones
  • Spot Packers
  • TCP Guns
  • Hoist Gyro Tools for orientation of Whip Stock

Realtime Slickline will enable us to efficiently service our customers when performing Electric Line Operations.

Memory Services Land/Offshore

  • Memory Production Logging
    • Provide depth correlation via slickline
    • Effectively diagnose tubing x annular communications problems
    • Perform dynamic flowing gas-lift surveys
    • Diagnose production problems and allocate production (or injection) 
  • Memory Pressure and Temperature Gauges
    • Determines statis or flowing pressure and temperature gradients
    • Monitor well performance
    • Reservoir characterization

Deep Water Zone 1 DIV 2 Combo Unit

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